STEAM After-School Program 2019 - 2020

NOW offering BEFORE & AFTER school!

limited spaces available call us for more information

(spaces are first come - first serve)


Our hands-on STEAM After-School program for Elementary and Middle school is like no other! 


Now your child can enjoy the benefits of STEAM based enrichment without filling up your evenings and weekends. Our program takes advantage of those precious after-school hours by providing an engaging hands-on STEAM based workshop EVERY SINGLE DAY! Braingineers Lab unique STEAM AFTER-SCHOOL program includes 1 Hour daily STEAM Workshop, school to Braingineers Lab transportation, snack, homework help, Maker's Lab access. We do not charge an extra fee for supplies

In our after-school program, students will be engaged to learn and create daily in an atmosphere of curiosity, exploration, and innovation while we provide students with a very unique set of STEAM skills that will spark their creative thinking and help them to become makers and problem solvers!


All workshops are led by highly qualified and experienced mentors who are passionate about igniting that creative spark in young Braingineers. Every member of our team has great qualifications and undergoes a thorough screening process. Workshops will run for a period of nine weeks and then rotate to always keep the learning, imagination and creation process growing. Click here to view our workshops page for a glimpse at what’s in store for future workshops!

BEFORE and AFTER school


With the recent changes that happened for Stoner Creek Elementary, Springdale, West Wilson Middle, and Mount Juliet Middle, we are offering our STEAM enrichment after school now in the mornings too.

Springdale and West Wilson Middle:

Drop your student in the morning, we will provide a snack, homework help, STEAM Challenge, Makerspace and includes our1 hr. workshop of the day. We will drop your student at school before 12:00 pm (Springdale), 1:00 pm (West Wilson Middle). For Springdale, we will pick them up again at 4:00 pm. You will have until 6 pm to pick them up.


We have a limited number of spaces. Cost per day is Springdale $45, West Wilson Middle $35. You can sign your student for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Please email us if you would like more information

Limited spaces for each school!


We have a limited number of spaces available for each school we pick up from. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once those spots are full, you will have the option to put down your information on a wait-list. To register click the Register button on the top of our page or click this link.

My school is not in your pick up list

You don't see your school on our pick up list and you are wondering what can you do? We need 4 students from each school to be able to add that school into our After-school pickup. Every school that is not on our pick up list will have a list. Once we have enough students in that school we will be able to add that school to our pickup route. To add your student/s to a list just go and fill out the following form. Besides filling out the form you can let other parents in your school know about it. That will help to get at least 4 students.


Elementary After-school

program includes:

  • transportation from school to the Lab​
  • relax time​
  • snacks
  • 1 hour STEAM workshop of the day
  • Homework help
  • Maker's Lab access
Elementary schools we pick up from:
  • Rutland
  • Springdale
  • Stoner Creek
  • Mount Juliet
  • Elzie D. Patton
  • MJ Christian Academy

After-school Elementary and Middle cost per day is $30. Look at the calendar and select the number of days you want your child to attend based on the STEAM workshops you want for your child:​​

  • 5 days ($150)
  • 4 days ($120)
  • 3 days ($90) or
  • 2 days ($60)

Middle After-school

program includes:

  • transportation from school to the Lab​
  • relax time​
  • snacks
  • 1 hour STEAM workshop of the day
  • Homework help
  • Maker's Lab access
Middle schools we pick up from:
  • West Wilson
  • Mount Juliet
  • Mount Juliet Christian Academy
Tutoring by a licensed teacher may be available upon request for a separate fee, on certain days. Please contact us for details.
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