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The best Virtual & Online STEAM hands-on 
2020 SUMMER CAMPS are here!
Our Virtual and Online camps create a fun and immersive experience where campers will connect with Mentors and other kids remotely. 
Each one of our STEAM hands-on Camps is full of fun workshops and activities that will inspire kids to:
  • engage in daily cool reading and math activities 
  • acquire and practice new skills 
  • learn new subjects
  • research to find interesting facts
  • get their hands busy while making cool projects
  • use their creativity and imagination to engineer new ideas
  • recreate science experiments
  • earn badges for every challenge accomplished
  • and have tons of fun all from home!
Ages: 9 - 14
younger campers can register but they will need a parent assisting them during the workshops and maker activities
Virtual camps
Every day our Virtual Campers will embark on a unique adventure where they will have an opportunity to interact with and make new friends. Our Summer Camp Counselors will coach campers during the day and host live meetings, Workshops, and fun virtual games where all the campers will be able to participate. Each Camper will have an account that will give them exclusive access to our brand new Online Learning Website. On this website we have a customized daily adventure for each camp where campers will have fun exploring and engaging in daily maker activities, online games, scavenger hunts and more! Plus ever Virtual Camp includes a STEAM Maker Kit which includes the materials needed for every one of our daily workshops. STEAM Maker Kits are unique to each specific camp,  materials and price might change accordingly. The cost of each Virtual Camp includes the STEAM Maker Kit and shipping. Please check the registration deadline for each camp so we can mail your STEAM Maker Kit on time. 
Online camps
Online Camps are designed to give each camper an opportunity to be immersed in a unique Adventures full of engaging activities, to experiment, create, explore, an make unique cool projects through our brand new Online Learning Website. Through this website Each camper will have access to a customized daily adventure where they will be able to easily navigate and explore daily workshops, maker activities, daily challenges, earn virtual badges, play online games, share with other campers their own project pictures in our private Show and Tell gallery, participate in daily scavenger hunts and more!
Every Online Summer Camp will give you access to all the how-to videos for STEAM Workshops and Maker's activities of the Summer Camp you registered for. STEAM Maker Kit is NOT included with the Online Camps, and each camper will be responsible to gather the required materials for the daily workshops and maker activities. Once you register for a Summer Camp you will receive a corresponding detailed list of materials needed for each workshop and maker activity. Materials will be different for each Summer Camp. Campers will have access to our online chat support where our amazing Braingineers Lab Summer Camp mentors will jump in if help is needed. 

Campers will need

Camp Supplies.jpg

Virtual & Online comparison

Virtual Schedule.jpg

Virtual Summer Camp schedule

Camp description
STEAM Summer Camps 2020

Join the expedition! Be among the young scientists that will travel back in time to explore the world when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Be a paleontologist by re-creating dinosaur bones, investigate volcanoes, make your own fossils, analyze dinosaur poop!? This is an adventure you won't forget!

Jurassic Expedition STEAM Maker Kit 

This kit includes all the materials to create dinosaur bones, volcano, fossils, our very own dinosaur poop and other activities.

(register by MAY 26)
(register by JUN 2)

Interested in learning how electronics and video games work? This camp is for you! You will learn how to combine coding and circuits and create really cool projects. Maybe even make an interactive video game that you and your camp friends can play!

(register by JUN 9)
(register by JUN 16)
Game-Coding & Circuits STEAM Maker Kit 

Every Camper will get a Makey-Makey plus all the materials to create the workshops, games  and  other activities.


Let your imagination and creativity overflow! In this Summer Camp, you will be able to learn new skills and art techniques using different materials like wood, concrete, fabric, yarn, cardboard, and paper. This camp will be a maker's dream. You can't miss it!

(register by JUN 23)
Creative Maker STEAM Maker Kit 

Kit includes all the materials for each of the daily Maker projects like: paper, fabric, yarn, concrete mix & more.


Space Exploration Camp is going to be full of out of this world activities, cool science facts, and experiments! We will learn so much about astronauts, space, planets, asteroids, stars, spaceships, constellations, and more!

Space Exploration STEAM Maker Kit 

This kit contains all the materials for every one of the daily workshops plus materials for some of the Maker's activities.

(register by JUL 7)
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