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Which schools do you offer transportation from?

Elementary School Pick up Offered for:

  • Rutland Elementary

  • Springdale Elementary

  • Stoner Creek Elementary

  • Mount Juliet Elementary


My school is not on your transportation list. What can I do?

We have created STEAM Club. This program its exactly like our STEAM Enrichment After School program, the only difference is transportation. Students enrolled in our STEAM Club, will have their parents or someone else pick them up at their school and then drop them at Braingineers Lab. Drop off time is not earlier than 2:50 pm.

Do you offer drinks and snacks for the STEAM After School Program?

Yes! Our After-school Braingineers receive one prepackaged snack and can get water at our water station. You can also send your own or send extra snacks on their backpacks. We keep thorough records of all allergies and provide access to a water station at all times.


What kind of vehicles do you use for transportation?

Expect nothing but the best from Braingineers Lab! The safety and well-being of our Braingineers is of the utmost importance. We understand that you trust your precious ones to us and we will not let you down. Braingineers Lab takes transportation safety very seriously and we are not willing to jeopardize your child by using vehicles that are not safe. Our busses are MFSAB (Multifunction School Activity Bus) and have the highest safety ratings, seat belts on every seat, and other important safety features according to NHTSA’s regulations. We also count with a 7 passenger Sienna Van.


What other safety measures do you take?

For security purposes our front doors are locked at all times and you will have to use our door buzzer to be allowed into the building. Every room and open areas at Braingineers Lab has security cameras. The front desk door is locked at all times and staff gives access only to registered students and authorized adults to enter or leave the space. We have strict control who enters our Lab while students are inside, this means Parents or relatives of students will not have access inside unless the staff gives them authorization. Tours are scheduled by appointment only and we required a copy of an ID to keep in our files. 

Our drivers have excellent driving records. Our mentors (workshop instructors) not only have high qualifications but also have experience with children, they passed a thorough screening and a background check including fingerprinting.

We have procedures in place at every pick-up and drop-off including taking attendance before leaving schools, seat belts must be used at all times during the drive, safe unloading procedures when arriving back at the lab. All students must be signed out by an authorized parent/guardian before leaving our Lab.

Mentors carefully plan age appropriate workshop activities and clearly instruct all participants in safety procedures and safe use of tools and materials. Students will be under supervision at all times while attending a workshop or the After-School Program.


I‘m looking for a specific workshop that isn’t on your list. Do you take requests?

Absolutely! We are always up to the challenge and we love to hear your feedback and suggestions for our workshops. Let us know what you're hoping to see and we will put our gears to work! Once we determine there is enough interest, and we work out the resources and curriculum, the next step will be to open the workshop up for registration. We may require a minimum number of people to show interest in registering before opening up a requested workshop.

Also, remember that our mentors are constantly working on creating new workshops! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on what’s coming next.


Is the STEAM After-School Enrichment Program only offered for 5 days a week?

No! We also offer 4 days, 3 days, and 2 days per week program options. We have a very limited number of spots available for each school so do not wait to sign up. Go and check our After-school page on this website for prices and workshop calendar. If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact us.

I would like to enroll my student but it says WAITLIST. What does this mean?

Due to the limited spots that we have available for each of our programs, you might find that when you want to enroll it sends you directly to a WAITLIST. What this means is that there are no spots available at the moment but your student will be on a list waiting for a spot.



How does the WAITLIST work?

When we get a cancellation or an opening for enrollment on any of our programs, we go to the next person on the waitlist for that program, then we will contact that person via email letting them know we have an opening and see if they would like to take that spot. This email will always be time sensitive. If they do not respond or they are no longer interested, we will contact the next person on the waitlist and start the process again.

Is there a cost to be on the WAITLIST?

No, there is no charge to be on the waitlist.

What happens with the STEAM Enrichment After School Program and other programs like STEAM Club and Workshops when school is closed or canceled?

Our STEAM Enrichment After-School Program follows the Wilson County school calendar very closely. If schools are closed, STEAM Enrichment After School, STEAM Enrichment Club, as well as STEAM Workshops, will also be closed. If schools close early due to impending inclement weather, our buses will run early. Braingineers Lab will be open for 3 hours after students arrive at the Lab. For example, if schools close at 11:15 am, we will pick up at schools and arrive back at our Lab at approximately 11:45 am. Parent pick up time that day will then be 2:45 pm. The program for the day will be some STEAM related activities provided by mentors, but our regular STEAM Enrichment program will be canceled for the day.


Do you offer Fall, Spring, and Summer Break camps?

Yes! We will offer some partial day camps during summer, spring, and fall breaks. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to get the details!


Do you offer programs for Homeschoolers?

Braingineers Lab could possibly provide homeschool programs based on our yearly STEAM Enrichment curriculum during weekday mornings if we can get at least 6 students enrolled. Please send us an email at for more information.

Do you offer tutoring?

We do offer tutoring options only for currently enrolled students. Please send us an email at for more information or questions.

Are there extra fees in addition to the program tuition?

Yes, each of our STEAM Enrichment programs has a registration fee. The registration fee amount will vary depending on the program, please visit our webpages for more information: STEAM Workshops, STEAM Club, and STEAM After School

What makes us different?

Our program is really one of a kind and is not a typical after school program, instead we offer an educational enrichment program that happens during the after school hours. Our STEAM Enrichment program focus is on STEAM subjects that change every day of the week which provides learning and maker skills to our students. Mondays are for Innovation, Tuesdays for Art, Wednesdays for Technology, Thursdays for Spanish, and Fridays for Science. Parents and students can choose the days they want based on their learning interests. If a student loves Art and Science, then they can enroll on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Every STEAM subject has a curriculum for the year. Besides this, all our mentors are passionate about fun hands-on STEAM enrichment and have experience with kids and with their workshop categories. At Braingineers Lab, your child will be learning about different STEAM subjects during our STEAM Workshop and then be creative, explore, and problem-solve during our Makerspace.  Plus, we are always exploring! After every 9 weeks, we will move on to exploring new subjects and a different set of skills!

Will my child be behind compared to other students in STEAM skills if he/she joins the After-School Program later in the year?

Not to worry! No previous experience is required for our After-School Programs.  Our mentors are very good at tailoring workshops to age-appropriate levels and accommodating new Braingineers, filling in the gaps to the best of their abilities. Ours is a unique atmosphere of exploration, encouragement, and collaboration, where students help each other learn and brainstorm and no idea or question is a silly one!

Are there pre-requisites for level 2 classes like Spanish Immersion 2?

Since our After-School Program is all-inclusive, there are no pre-requisites required and we will accommodate new Braingineers to the best of our abilities. For Homeschool or Workshop-Only options, however, please choose the level 1 workshop before moving on to level 2. If level 1 is not currently being offered, consider choosing another fun workshop and watch for the level 1 to come back around into the schedule. 

Can I have a birthday party in your space?

We are working on offering this pretty soon! Please shoot us an e-mail and let us know if this is something specific you'd like to see!

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! This is a great way to get family members or friends that perfect gift to your Braingineer. Share this link Gift card with your family and friends. 

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