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STEAM & Maker
Spring Camp

Hello Spring!! Join us for the most amazing and scientific Spring Break ever!!

If you have been a Braingineers Camper you know that not only we have fun but we learn lots of cool things! This camp will be full of science experiments and Maker cool maker activities. We are bringing back the University of Slime!! Did we hear a scream of excitement somewhere? Yes!! We know how much you love it and we are bringing it back!
University of Slime!! Every day a different kind of slime
Watch out for explosions!
Hello my precious! Growing sparkly and unique crystals
Mmm..Is it liquid? Is it solid? I don't know but I can't stop playing with it
Is it magic or science? we will discover it with a science experiment that involves nature


much more!!
Days: Monday, March 7th through Friday, 11th
Hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Grades: K - 6th grade
Cost: $225
Registration fee: $15

(scroll down for more information)
***  we follow CDC guidelines, staff and participants are required to wear face masks  ***
Lunch: Bring your own lunch, snacks, and drink. We have a water station for you to refill your water bottle during the day.
Drop-off: We will open our doors not earlier than 8:50 am.
Pick up:  1:00 pm. There will be late pickup fee if picking up later than 1:10 pm.
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