In-person & Virtual  

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STEAM workshops

In-person workshops are 9:30 am - 10:30 am. 

Virtual workshops are 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. Each Virtual workshop includes a kit with all the materials for each day. Students will be able to come and pick it up at a specific day and time through our Drive-through. 

Workshops October - December



Through your hands and eyes, you will discover the culture of many different parts of the world, you will replicate different art skills and techniques used by cultures. We will start our journey by exploring our own country and then travel through Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, and Mesopotamia (Egypt), creating Alebrijes, mandalas, origami, mosaics, and more!


This workshop is included on Mondays for:

$200 (9 sessions)



Circuits, cables, connectors, LEDs, batteries, oh my! From switches to computer games, and paper clips to design thinking. Increase creative confidence, learn design iteration, logic, and problem-solving skills. Express your ideas and creativity in unique ways!

Each student will be able to use one of our Makey-Makeys, students can get a new Makey-Makey for an additional $60.


This workshop is included on Tuesdays for:

  • After-School Elementary

$190 (8 sessions)



In this workshop, you will learn how to create spatial models. See shapes through a 3D perspective and understand how to blend them together to make specific 3D designs. Use the engineering design process to create your own pieces. Then have them come alive with the 3D printer.


This workshop is included on Wednesdays for:

$225 (9 sessions)



From plans to bones, from finding bacteria to killing bacteria, this year's Living Science Workshop will open your eyes to new cool scientific facts. Get your hands busy and use your investigative and detective skills to solve some mysterious puzzles.


This workshop is included on Thursdays for:

$225 (9 sessions)