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Calling ALL explorers!
upcoming K - 6th

Braingineers Lab has a variety of exhilarating STEAM summer adventures like no other! 

We are currently recruiting explorers who

  • are always eager to learn

  • work on unexpected engineering projects

  • do scientific research

  • use their brain to problem solve and get out of difficult situations 

  • can tinker, create, and craft things like tools, devices, and anything else that might be necessary

and the most important requirement of all

explorers who want to have LOTS of fun!!!

If you have all the mentioned requirements then...

what are you waiting for?


Camp description
Website Details Summer Camps 2022 (1).png

JUN 6 - JUN 10     9 am - 1 pm     K-6th

We received information on the location of an unexplored Island, and we are recruiting a group of explorers. Your mission will be to map the island, record wildlife observations, check for volcanic activity, analyze strange plants, and more. Word is that there may be treasure buried in the Island!


JUN 13 - JUN 17   9 am - 1 pm     K-6th

A group of lost explorers accidentally discovered an old deserted town and an abandoned mine. They are on a quest to find gold and precious stones that might be hiding inside. Creating tools for mining, breaking stones, finding water, and finding shelter are just a few of their challenges. Will they survive and find gold in this quest?

Wild west.png
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JUL 11 - JUL 15   9 am - 1 pm     K-6th

Calling all wild animal lovers and those who are not afraid of the power of mother nature. To explore this jungle our explorers will need to develop many skills like building bridges, engineering a floating device to go downriver, collecting wild animal specimens, and more!

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JUL 18 - JUL 22    9 am - 1 pm    K-6th

If you love marine life, then this voyage will captivate you with the most amazing and unprecedented adventure. We will learn how to be an oceanographer and use our skills to explore and research this hidden world. Will we find mysterious creatures like mermaids, will we discover Atlantis?


REGISTRATION information

Early Registration
(before Mar/4/2022)

Early Registration fee: $25
(one time, non-refundable)

Early Summer Camp: $230
(price is per camp/week)

Regular Registration
(Mar/4/2022 and after)

Registration Fee: $45
(one time fee, non-refundable)

Summer Camp: $250
(price is per camp/week)

Camp cancellations:
2 weeks or more notification* = 100% refund
less than 2 weeks = no refund
(Registration fees are non-refundable)
* before the 1st day of attending camp



Siblings receive $10 off registration

Referrals receive $10 off for each new family who registers
(new families need to add the referral name when they fill out the registration form to apply the discount)



COVID precautions

Braingineers Lab follows CDC guidelines. Here are the precautions we take:

  • disinfect and clean high contact areas daily

  • daily temperature checks for all campers and camp staff

  • no sharing materials (each camper will have its own supplies)

  • face masks are optional

  • campers will be placed in a small group number


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